Tata Wiron Knotted Fence

Tata Wiron presents the Knotted Fence, a durable fencing solution made with High Tensile GI Wires (Galvanized Iron Wire) that are zinc coated for exceptional longevity. Using the latest HOT DIP technology, Tata Wiron ensures that their GI Barbed wires offer superior durability and long-lasting resistance against corrosion.

Knotted Fence HeightPriceBundle LengthNumber of line wires: Gap between stay wiresMesh SizeWire Diameter 
6 FeetRs 8380100 Feet17152 mmVariable2.5mm 
5 FeetRs 7480100 Feet15152 mmVariable2.5mm 
4 FeetRs 6780100 Feet 152 mmVariable2.5mm 

The Tata Wiron Knotted Fence is specifically designed with reinforced strength to withstand challenging weather conditions and protect against animal attacks. Its installation is made easier, thanks to the high tensile GI wire construction, which requires fewer poles. The fence features fixed, impact-resistant, and flexible knots that contribute to its reliability.

Key Features of Tata Wiron Knotted Fence :

Strength: The fence utilizes 2.5 mm high tensile galvanized wire, providing robustness and durability.

Fixed Knot: The cross lock knot design maintains the rigidity of the fence for an extended period, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Impact Resistance: The fence incorporates crimps that create a spring-like action, allowing it to regain its shape after an impact, improving its resilience.

Flexibility: The Knotted Fence offers variable vertical gaps, with smaller gaps at the bottom and larger gaps at the top, accommodating different requirements and terrain.

Cost Saving: The installation process is made faster and requires less labor, resulting in cost savings.

By combining strength, durability, and ease of installation, Tata Wiron’s Knotted Fence offers a reliable solution for various applications. Its high tensile galvanized wire construction, fixed knot design, impact resistance, and flexibility make it a cost-effective choice for those seeking a long-lasting and efficient fencing solution.

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